Oct 10, 2011

She's walking now

Well, she's getting all over the place.  I needed to make this post to remember when she started walking because I know I will forget.  She actually took her first steps at a year old, but she would only walk up against stuff.  So last Sunday Danny and I decided we would help her practice her walking.  Well she LOOOOVES stuffed animals.  Doesn't matter what kind or anything she will go straight for it a cuddle it with all her might! so we decided to pass a stuffed animal to each other and make her walk to us to get it.  It was just like 3 or 4 steps at a time and each time danny would scoot back a ltitle bit more.  but about 10 minutes later she was going across the living room! Then the next day, she started doing it on her own.  Then about 5 days later she figured out how to stand up without pulling up on something and has been walking in circles around our house ever since.  I did get a video of her walking but not sure how to post it. 

We have also been teaching her a little sign language and I can't believe how fast she picks up on things! she has been doing all done since about 10 months and then she learned more...then she learned please and I just can't believe how fast she is picking up on things.  She actually understands things we say to her.  I do have mixed feelings about the whole sign language thing so I don't think I'll teach her anymore simply because I know a child who won't talk and only signs....So that will be all she's learning, but is sure is fun to watch.