Mar 17, 2011

7 months

So looking back Ashlynns 6 month's fun to read how much she's changed!! she can sit up totally by herself now and is a rolly polly machine! In my 6 month post about her she has only rolled over like once or twice. It still amazes me just how much she has learned and how much she grows. She is always going through fun stages like when she stuck her tongue out whenever someone smiled at her. Now she smiles and giggles all the time and instead of sticking her tongue out she does this SUPER huge smile and then squints her eyes reaaal tiny. I tried to get pictures of her doing it but I wasn't fast enough.
She went through a funky stage there for a while where she wasn't sleeping through the night anymore or taking very good naps. It was definitely hard for the working I thought she was teething but she wasn't really fussy enough so finally it just came to me to increase her solid food intake and that did the trick! she just needed more food I guess my milk wasn't doing it enough for her. That is one thing i have found is the hardest about being a mom. I feel like I should always know exactly what to do when it comes to being a mom. Well, I don't always know. I felt so dumb when she slept through the night again for like 10 hours after weeks of no sleep just because I wasn't giving her enough solids. It's all trial and error and to be honest...I just never know if I'm doing it right, but I'm doing the best I know how so I guess that's all I can keep doing. Didn't mean for this post to be so long, guess I had a lot to say

kinda got her squinting...

Shed Hunting

So...shed hunting is something that has become quite popular in the hunting world. It's a way of holding all of those obsessed hunters over through spring till Summer when they can start scouting then Fall when they can start hunting. Whoever said Hunting was a seasonal thing was very wrong. Clearly they haven't met my husband. With the fall hunts...the summer alaska trips and scouting for the deer/elk trips, the winter colorado trips and the spring shed hunting...he has managed to turn a 3 month seasonal thing to a year round hobby.'s fun to get out of the house do something fun with each other outdoors on these nice sunny spring days!!

**Pictures are actually backwards...but i didn't want to redo them :)

Danny has done a good job training our dog sadie to find some sheds.

Trying out the new backpack!

Mar 11, 2011

Such an amazing guy

*Warning...this post is a little mushy gushy :)

So Danny definitely surprised me this year for our 5 year. We had gone on Vacation to San Antonio and that was going to be our gift to each other...But the day of our anniversary was on March 4th...He was actually gone to work. Well I wanted to let Danny know I was still thinking of that morning I called the Hotel he was staying at and asked for them to send strawberry waffles and fruit to his room. Well...Danny didn't know he was getting it so when the lady went up to knock. He didn't answer. I had told them that he probably wasn't going to answer and that they should just keep knocking till he did. Soooo they knocked again and said "room service" well he basically told them to go away and that he didn't order any. Well the lady knocked again so Danny got out of bed and went to the door and shouted that he didn't order any. So the lady shouted back through the door that some lady called and that she had ordered some for him. So Danny opened the door the she say "Happy Anniversary!!" I was very successful in surprising him.

Well later on I got a very nice surprise. These beautiful flowers were sent to my classroom. All my student oooed and awwed and of course they were my favorite! Daisy's and Tulips...and some pretty roses and a balloon. I felt very special. Well then that night Danny got home at about 11:30 and in the morning there was a little box with a bow on it. I got a little excited cause nice things come in small boxes and TA DA!! HE WENT TO JARED! (I just wanted to say that cause of the commercial...but he really did) He wrote a nice card with it too and then I went in and woke Danny up cause I really wanted to open it and wanted to open it with him. The card he wrote tied into the black and white diamonds and what he thought when he saw the necklace. Needless to say I felt very special and loved and I love you Danny very much!!

SMILE!! Ode the Ash

So I had to post this to show that Danny shaved his head....:) He really actually pulled it off quite well. But it wasn't really on purpose....

She has this grasshopper toy and always leaves it hanging out of her mouth

So she kinda looks a little boyish but I loooved her expression. Very typical look i get from her

So happy to get a smilin pic. LOVE YOU BOO

The dreadful month of March

So i feel like posting about my ill feelings toward March. Ever since high school March has never been a good month. I was quite involved in music and sports in high school and it seemed as though both activities crammed as much as possible in March. I had music festivals and recitals and track meets all together. Well it is still a full stressful month. I have parent teacher conferences for work which usually turn into therapy sessions for the parents rather than discussion about the child(I guess they figure they can spill all the stresses on my because I'm a neutral playing field) I have Young Womens stuff (yep, I'm a beehive adviser) For work we have the Montessori Expo coming up (it's just a big thing we do at work) and now that I'm putting it down on doesn't' seem like much. But it feels like a lot. And because of the time Danny took off in February, he's working a lot in March. AND March has 5 weeks in it just feels like it drags on and on. But I will make it through i guess....I seem to every year.

Mar 4, 2011

All because two people fell in love....

We have offically made it five years!! I remember the first time we met and went on our date to St. George. It was kinda a blind date for me because I didn't remember who you were when you called :) But I'm so glad you did. I had dated many different guys in college and after our first date, I knew something was different about you. After months of dating I knew that my life was about to change because you had officially swept me off my feet. I can't believe everything I have been able to experience while being married. I absolutely adore Danny. He has been such a blessing to me. Sometimes (or alot) I get really uptight and stressed and he knows exactly how to make me laugh, calm me down and help me realize that things don't have to be such a big deal. He is so funny. I love that 5 years later he can still make me laugh and smile all the time. I love his cheesy personality and ability to make anything fun! He is an amazing dad to Ashlynn and an even more amazing husband to me. I adore you Danny and I can't imagine how my life would be without you. Thank you so much Danny for being such an amazing man in mine and Ashlynn's life!
After looking over all of our wedding pictures I feel so old. It seems so long ago. We had such an interesting first 3 years of marriage but it was an adventure I will never forget.