Sep 25, 2011


I don't know if domestication really is a word but I've been feeling like I have started to become domesticated this week.  I guess it's a good thing because everything I did this week made happy....but old.  I didn't think I would ever get to this point in my life but I guess here it is!!

I bottled fresh pears.  I watched my mom bottle everything tons of times growing up, but this is my first time :)

I went to the cannery with my ward and canned some food...never done that before...

Made a fall flower arrangement....I've also done things like this before but never because I felt like it.
I baked some rolls and cooked a roast in my crockpot.  I have done both of these before many many times but it went along with the theme of the week :)

Sep 24, 2011

love her!

So I will have to warn you that all these posts are about Ashlynn.  I used to think moms were crazy when all they would talk about were their children and crazy things they do.  But I just can't help it.  I love her soooo much and am so happy to have her that I just have to share it!! So if you are bored of looking at pictures of her I'm sorry....but I am officially one of those moms. 

She has figured out that a camera means to smile.  So I get this cheesy look every time the camera goes up.  It actually might come from the fact she knows a bright flash is about to go off...but I like to think she's smiling :)


Hunting season has come around again.  So one night when we were getting ready to go up on the mountain Danny decided Ashlynn should dress for the occasion.  She did look adorable so I had to share.  And Dad was very pleased with her outfit :)

These two sure do look alike....

Happy 1st Birthday!

So I'm finally getting to Ashlynn's first birthday party.  It was a fun night.  We just had a small barbeque with the family at our house.  We had Danny's mom and step dad and his dad and step mom and then my parents and two of my sisters and their families.  Ashlynn sure did get spoiled by all her grandma's but I think everyone had a good time and thank you to those who made it. 

 She wasn't sure at first what to think about her cake, but then she ate some...but not much.  She had a chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream.  yummm :)

getting attacked by uncle Enoch....

Cousins! and Grandma Decker

She enjoyed opening presents by the end when she figured out she could take things out of the bag.  We love you very much sweetie! happy birthday.  

Sep 3, 2011

Ashlynn is one!!

Well this is also a much overdue post but I haven't had the camera to post pictures and I still don't have the ones from her birthday on the computer so I'll just tell you a little bit about her because she's soo stinkin cute!! :)
She is officially off the bottle and only uses sippy cups.  I thought that would be a hard thing to do but there really was no problem other than me not wanting her to grow up.  She isn't walking yet but she can because she will walk everywhere as long as she has a hand on something.  She will also stand on her own for a while but she won't take a step.  instead she will VERY slowly squat down.  it's kinda funny.  She looooves stuffed animals and will cuddle any stuffed thing you put in front of her.  She also loves to cuddle at night and so do I.  She is eating everything and anything.  She definitely is not a picky eater.   Even things I think she won't eat she Lima beans.  Her favorite is definitely cantelope and string cheese.  She gobbles that stuff right up.  She is such a little entertainer and will do anything to make you smile. She can pull some interesting faces and then if you smile back at her...she'll clap for you.  She is an awesome sleeper as normal..goes right to bed at about 8:00 and sleeps till a little after 8:00, unless I take her to the sitter then she gets up at about 7:00.  She also takes about a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.
Her stats at her last appointment were 18.12 lbs (14%) and 29 in long (50%).  the weight kinda surprised me.  She only gained a pound in the last 3 months and she was at 30% at her 9 month checkup but at the same time it doesn't really surprise me because of how small she was when she was born.  So no new car seat for her yet.
Well as you can tell I could blab on and on about her but I will stop myself.  We love you Ashlynn!!!!

more in alaska

 So here are just a few of our pictures from our Alaska.  It's been a while since I've posted and will have alot of catching up to do.  We had such a nice time there.  It is AMAZING country to see.   There is really nothing like it and you will never understand just how big and mountains are unless you're there. 
 So  I didn't want to take the time to go back and flip this picture straight....sorry, just do a little head tilt, you'll get the idea.
fishing with the babe

 One thing we did on our trip was take whale watching and glacier tour. This was the most amazing thing I've EVER seen!! I've seen glaciers before but never on the ocean like this.  It was a mile wide and one of the few glaciers in the world that is actually growing.  When we were driving up to it I had some Titanic flashbacks because the water was literally covered in icebergs.  Then when we got up close to the glacier we got to watch it calve (when big pieces of ice fall in the ocean).  Which was crazy because it was SO loud. it was seriously so pretty and serene. 
 There were three orca's that came right up to the side of the boat.  We also saw a humpback while breeching
sea looks cool which is was....but it stunk so bad when we passed this island

more glacier

 So I am aware that I look like some murderer in my big rubber trench coat but as you can rains alot.  This is the trail we were on when we ran into the bear.

same trail we saw the bear

LOOOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!

 This was on the ferry we took to get to Gustevus.  You can only get there by boat or plane....don't mind the crazy tights.  They kept her warm :)

This was in our rental car and no I didn't flip this one either.  but she's just so cute!

 There is also a glacier we went and saw while we were in Juneau.
Showing off my rubber boats. It is something everyone wears there like tennis shoes because it's always raining.  So I felt cool :)

she loves her daddy

cabin we stayed in