Jan 21, 2013

Holiday family time

We kind of had 3 Christmas's this year.  It was a good time.  We went to Danny's Dad's house here in Heber first, then went to Cedar City for a few days, then off to Circleville for a weekend.  It was really nice to be in southern Utah again.  We do miss it but we are happy where we are now.  
At Grandma and Grandpa Kendall's house.

 Danny had to work Christmas Day, So we ended up celebrating our own Christmas a day later.  Ashlynn was very excited to see dad made it home.  And, to open her presents :)

She was very excited to open this present. 

 My dad has his OWN way of shoveling the walks when it snows...He claims there was a lot of ice so he needed "his big equipment" but I know he just likes to have a reason to ride around in his tractor.  Luckily, Ashlynn got a ride out of it and loved it.  You can kind of see her if you look reeeaal close :) 

At Grandma Chris' house.  She sure does have alot of grandma's....she is a very lucky girl I guess.  She had a good time with her cousins and grandma.

 Danny decided to hitch sadie up for some sledding with his Nephew Hunter. I thought Ashlynn was still a little too little to take on a ride with Sadie :) Maybe next year.

I really enjoy puzzles. when we got to my moms house, I went and bought a puzzle to do on our down time.  It was a 350 piece and thought it would take me the two days we were there to do it.  Well i finished it in about 4 hours.  (with a little help) So then I decided we should do another one.  So me and my family found a 500 piece puzzle at my moms house and did that in about a day.  When we got to Danny's moms house, we were still on our puzzle kick and found one at her house that was 1000 pieces! We were only there for a day and a half and we got half of it done.  But there wasn't enough time to finish it.  So I guess we have a made ourselves a new tradition of doing puzzles over the holidays.  It's a fun easy thing to do for the holiday downtime and full bellies!

Jan 19, 2013

Lots a changes

So these last few months have certainly been memorable and definitely life changing.  When I look back at everything that has been going on in our lives I can't believe it.  We've had more changes and decisions to make in the last 6 months than we've probably ever had in our almost 7 years of marriage.  And, it seems like after one big decision is made, another one comes up.  Needless to say my faith and prayers have significantly increased.  I have come to realize just how amazing it is to put all your trust in the Lord and then realize that the choice you made was the right decision.  That overwhelming feeling of 'this is right' has been such a testimony builder for me.

In previous posts I had talked about moving to Heber City, getting a new job,  having a new baby on the way, (I don't know if I've posted that on here yet, Due Mar. 2nd) Danny took an upgrade in flying to captain, and then is also starting a side job of mortgage lending (Anyone refinancing? give him a call. :) ) and then to add to it we are packing up AGAIN and getting ready to close on a house here in Heber City.  We are supposed to move at the end of January.  Guess we'll be here a while :)

Primary Photo [click for next photo]

All of these changes have happened in such a short amount of time that I feel like our life is just a blur.  However, everything has worked out pretty smoothly.  Other than the nights of no sleep because we kept going back and forth on all of these decisions, we feel good about our everything.

So wish us luck as we continue to go through a lot of adjustments again when baby boy number 2 comes :)