Jun 11, 2011

She's Crawling

For a while Ashlynn has been pushing back onto her knees and would sometimes army crawl. I was afraid she wouldn't crawl because she was such a fast/good roller and could get anywhere and into anything she wanted. But the past two days it's like she magically learned how to do it! or she is now strong enough to hold up her hips. I was excited so I wanted to share it. However...she has gotten to a new level of fast....I thought she was fast at rolling...well she's even faster at gettin into things crawling. And I have a feeling she's only going to get into things faster as she starts walking..... :-)

Here are some more picture updates of what we've been up to.

The first ones are of when we went fishing at Panguitch Lake. We decided one Saturday to go out and see how the fishing was. We didn't catch anything. But we had some Hobo dinners, Danny got to make a fire :-) and we got to fish. So it was a good time.

This is the first time Ashlynn went swimming in a pool. We went down to st. george to meet up with Danny's uncle Paul, and they were staying at a hotel so we thought this would be a good time to take her swimming. She wasn't too sure at first but then after she figured it out...she loved it and was kicking and splashing.

Another fishing trip we took up to Red Creek with my Dad and his dog payton (the black lab)

These last two pictures are from our trip up to Heber city to see Danny's family. The top one is Ashlynn's Grandparents, Danny's dad and step mom, and the bottom is Ashlynn's great grandma (who is AMAZING at knitting) Danny's Grandma.

Jun 6, 2011

9 Months....plus some :)

Ashlynn is nine and a half months!! I just can't believe it. She's growing so much. Her 9 month checkup went just swell. she weighed 17.12 lbs (27%) and was 27.5 in long (43%). She is so adorable and such a happy girl. She is an awesome baby and I think we have been spoiled because everyone says don't plan on having all your babies be this good....(gee thanks). But she's an awesome sleeper (but for the most part she always has been) She is not crawling yet but will sorta army crawl and rolls like CRAZY. I think thats why she hasn't started crawling yet cause she can get anywhere she wants by rolling. At exactly nine months she got her first tooth...the next one is making it's way up also. She is not really a fan of any table food...I'll give her some of what I'm eating each day but she really just likes her baby food. and she will eat quite a bit of it so oh well for now I guess. She truely is the light of mine and Danny's life and she is so entertaining to be with. we love her SOOOO much :)

Danny was going running one morning with Ashlynn and it was a little chilly..so he put on her animal suit...hehe. Since she got her tooth she now is always rubbing her tongue on it.

again....Dad was home and decided to play dress up with her hair. She kinda looks like a bug...but a cute one :)

When I get the camera out she peeks her head around like this to try and see my face behind the camera. I think it's funny. I just wish I had a nicer camera to take better pictures....

Getting ready to sneeze

Happy 29th Danny!!

It was Danny's birthday on April 24th which was the same day as Easter. So we went over to his moms house in Circleville to celebrate. Ashlynn also got to have her first Easter Egg hunt with some of her cousins. I made Danny a Campfire cake this year too. I saw a picture of it once in a magazine and thought it was super cute. But no one could tell what it was till I told them.. :( oh well it still tasted good

time to catch up.

I can always tell when things get busy...cause I don't have much down time sooo not a whole lot of me time happens. But I finished teaching for the year last week and it feels great to be at home. I still have quite a bit to do this summer but it will be a nice change from working all day. Danny and I have been doing well. Danny is working like crazy. They are keeping him so busy...which isn't all good because he gets very few days off. His paychecks are bigger....but i'm not sure that makes up for how much he is gone.
There is alot that has happened since my last posts...so I will slowly but surely try to catch up. For Easter we went hiking at Bryce Canyon. I haven't ever been hiking there...and if I have I don't remember it, and Danny had only been once he thought. We figured it was in our backyard basically so it would be a fun way to spend our Easter. We called my sister Tasha's family to come with us.

Giving Ashlynn a break from the backpack...So happy!

We did the Queen's Garden hike.

Jun 2, 2011

Sleepless in...Parowan

So I have a bunch of other posts but I haven't gotten any pictures loaded yet. So they will come up soon. I currently feel like posting about my inibility to stay asleep since I had Ashlynn. Some days I can but there are times taht after just 6 or 7 hours of sleep I'm wide awake and ready to go. Some may say that is a lot but before if i didn't get at least eight hours then I was doomed for the day. I guess it was so many months of waking up at 2 or 4 that I've kinda changed my rhythm. It can kind of get annoying especially when Ashlynn sleeps for like 10-12 hours... and I'm wide awake and can't go out running or anything. What do ya do I guess....