Apr 14, 2012

Growing up

I had to make a short post about how much Ashlynn has changed over the last few weeks.  She has grown up so much.  I miss a baby doll....but I love how much fun she is to play with now. 

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 For Easter, Parowan does a little egg hunt for kids.  We had never been before becuase we had no children who could participate but we thought we'd give it a try.  I'd have to say I liked how they did it.  They lined up the kids into age groups.  The older kids were able to race and get the candy spread across this basball field but for the younger kids (2 and under) we just walked through a line of baskets and each kids could take one from each basket.  Ashlynn loved it and I loved not stressing over her getting trampled and getting treats :)

Loves her stuffed animals
Grandma Chris came down to join in on all the fun!!....haha.  The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes. 

After treats Grandma brought over some eggs for decorating.  I can already tell Ash is going to be a meticulous person.  She was concdentrating SO hard on making each egg perfect.  I love all her faces while she was painting.

Then we went outside for an egg hunt! Ashlynn enjoyed going and finding all the eggs grandma hid.  By the end though I think we hid a few too many cause she could barely carry her bucket.

Danny got her a pink camping chair for the summer
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Hogle Zoo

Over Easter break Danny and I both had the week off.  It was also the week of my birthday and Danny left it up to me what I wanted to do.  Even though we both had the weekend off we really only had about 2 days to get out of town.  I wanted to do something fun with Ashlynn but not have the stress of travelling too far.  So for my birthday I wanted to take Ash to the zoo! Danny has a mission companion (The Davis's) who were kind enough to also let us stay at their house for a night.  They have two boys and Ashlynn loved being able to play with some kids her age.  Thanks Todd and Julie! 

Well when we got to the zoo it was still pretty cold and actually kinda busy. We went on a Wednesday thinking not many people would be there but there were quite a few for a cold wednesday morning (**Everytime we go to a big city all the people everywehre really give me and danny anxiety.  We really like our small towns :)).  I'd have to say too that I really wasn't impressed by our little Hogle Zoo.  Infact there were times I was a little disterbed by how small their living quarters were...and they really didn't have hardly any animals.  But I tried not to think about it becuase Ashlynn loved being able to see all the animals and make the sounds to each one.  She really has grown up alot these last few months. 

Making monkey noises
The Giraffe got a little too close for comfort for Ashlynn.  He really got really close and so she was trying to run away before we could get a pic.
We stopped by Heritage park after the Zoo. 

The first night we were up there we stayed at a hotel right in downtown.  After we had gone to the zoo and park we deicded to check out the City Creek Center since it was like 3 miles from our hotel.  Oh my goodness I don't know how people do it in city's.  I know I just said this but it was CRAZY! you could not even walk in and out of the stores.  We found some work clothes for Danny for work at Macy's and then we were out of there.  I can't handle all the people around.  Kudos to all my city friends :)
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