May 19, 2012

Trying to Stay Fit!!!

Since about high school I've really enjoyed the feeling of getting a good work-out in.  Competed all through high school and college.  Then something happened....I got a full-time job then later and child :).  My first few years in college I was naive and couldn't figure out why people couldn't just get out and go for a 30 minute jog...I now understand!! It's hard.  And it's even harder when you don't have teammates or a coach or 3 hours a days designated strictly to improving your body which is what I had.  Before Ashlynn I continued running and did a few 5ks here and there but I wanted (and needed)more than just a run and missed my coaches telling me what to do :( So I entered the DVD workout video world along with running in hopes of getting my nice SUU track body back.  Started with Turbo Jam (its was the craze then) and have loved it. Still do it even today.  It was especially nice after the baby because it's low impact, fun and gets your heart rate up.
  However if there's one thing I learned while competing it's that if you do the same thing you the same results.  So then the P90X stuff came out and my dad bought it and I did some of it....but honestly I did not want to work out an hour and a half a day.  Not after being at work all day and getting dinner done, groceries, cleaning (ya not really something I do all the time but sometimes.) I just didn't have time for it.
So then Danny heard about Insanity.  We got it...I did it, IT KILLED ME!!! ahhh I haven't done something like that in forever.  I think I almost threw up the first time.  It gave me a good work-out but all the moves are extremely high impact and my knees/shins/feet were so achy after.

So then for my birthday Danny (being the sweetie he is) got me some new DVDs.  I got the Jillian Michaels ones.  Needless to say she annoys the HECK out of me and I have to not listen to her when I'm working out but for now in my life she has done things for me that I LOVE!!.  Workouts are about 30 mins....perfect....they have cardio, strength and abs mixed....wonderful...I drip sweat while doing it and I love the results I've gotten.  My arms were super flabby after baby and I'm finally starting to see toning come back in my arms, butt, abs and thighs. It has all the elements I've been looking for. 
Now, I'm not in perfect shape, and haven't lost much more weight since doing it.  But I did measure myself before I got pregnant with Ashlynn in hopes that would motivate me and give me goal numbers to get back to (I know it sounds crazy but whatever) and I am 4 inches less in total body measurements than I was before I got pregnant.  And that makes me happy :)