Jul 12, 2011

4th of July

Sooo I kinda have a million picture from the 4th because we had such a good time..and we had some camera happy people.(that would be you Danny and Cynthia :)) We have gone and done a few things with our friend Eric and Cynthia on and off throughout our marriage but we had never spent more than like 3 hours together. We had planned on going to Moab with them over the 4th, but we didn't feel like we could make it work cause we were going to Alaska and Fishlake this month, and then their baby Leila got sick. So they ended up coming down to good ole Parowan to stay with us.  It was a good time.  There was a lot I thought we could do...and looking back we really didn't as much as I had planned.  but then again they were only here a few days.  So this means you have to come down again.  :) And anyone else who wants to experience the adventures of Parowan and their surrounding areas should come down too.

 We went to Cedar breaks after a hike because it's so close.  It's amazing all the wonderful scenery we have to enjoy here in Utah.

Ashlynn and Leila became quite good friends during their time together.  It was cute to see them interact and follow each other around.

 Yep, I'm tying his shoe.  But only because he had precious cargo on his back so I made the sacrifice
They were pretty tired after a day of hiking. 

Cynthia and I at the trail head.  It was such a pretty day to be out. 

The morning of the 4th we went and enjoyed the town breakfast then the parade. 

We enjoyed the parade and we were in good company and ate some goood food.

Barbeque chicken pizza....yummm

and some yummy dutch oven cobler

enjoying the evening out on our deck.

Jul 5, 2011

Growing up!

Well Ashlynn is officially getting big!! okay she has always been getting big but I'm just amazed at it.  I really never understood it when people said 'they grow fast' until I had my own...and yes, your kids will grow fast too. 


 I wanted to add this one in her carseat because she is getting ready to outgrow it. It's crazy to think about how tiny she used to be in it.
 I had to add this one of her in the bathtub  becuase as you can see...we don't have a bath.  We only have a shower so I have improvised so she can splash and play in a tub.  Yes...it is a tupperware container but she loves it. 
 Playing with cousin Catie

 I love the way she sleeps when I go get her in the morning.  She is either on her side or in this cute stink bug position.  The picture does not do it justice because you can't really see just how high her little bum is up in the air.  so precious
I have discovered that as a mom...I always seem to be the one with the camera catching the moment.  So for this picture it is posed but I went and gave Danny the camera and told him to take a picture of me and my little girl.  Gladly he did and I think she kinda looks like me...

Tropic for Fathers Day

So for Father's Day we are going to make it a tradition to go camping at Tropic (or anywhere else) but Danny loves to be in the mountains so we have decided it would be a fun thing to start doing every year. We went with Danny's Brother, Shane, who owns a minnow business. It was fun being able to spend some time with family and enjoy camping.  We had a good time and Ashlynn also loved it.  Sorry about the pictures below kinda being all the same, we decided to do a bit of a photo shoot while we were there and I couldn't pick just  one.   :)  We also went fishing and I caught more than Danny!! I had to add that because it really never happens. But if you ask him about it he might claim I stole his fishing hole.  Which I didn't.  I just started fishing where he was because he told me to come over by him. 

Trying to escape the tent after her nap :)

Playing in the truck with her cousin Trevin

Summer Time!!

So far we have had quite the busy summer.  Lots of playing and fun times.  We started off the summer with a small vacation to Burbank.  It wasn't all fun and games and you might ask yourself why Burbank?  Well, Danny had a 4 day trip that week and every single overnight was in Burbank California.  So we figured hey, might as well get a free hotel out of this.  We had a nice relaxing time shopping, and walking around the city.  It was fun to get away for a few days.

Daddy and daughter :)
Go with Dad to work day...sorta.  Checkin out all the buttons!