Dec 7, 2010


So it's been a while but I'm attempting it again. Things are going well for us. Our baby girl Ashlynn is doing awesome! she is so adorable and entertaining. She has really discovered that she can make noise and will squawk sooo loud all day long. It kinda sounds like she's crying, but she's not. She just yells. Danny is doing well. He hasn't had to go to work for like 2 weeks! So it's been awesome having him home. And I like it when he's home becuase then i don't have to take my baby doll to the babysitter. I actually thinks she really enjoys the babysitter, I just prefer having her home. :) Work sure does keep me busy. I guess i used to think that as a teacher the longer you teach ther easier it gets, but i'm going on my third year and it still keeps me as busy as ever! But i sure do enjoy it.

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