May 19, 2012

Spring fishing

So as I continue to play a little catch-up here are some pics from a fishing trip we took back in March.  We all enjoy fishing so it's ncie when the ice melts off to go out and catch some fishies!

Ashlynn with her pole 

I should clarify what really happens when the whole family goes fishing.  On this particular day we went with Danny's mom and my brother Ryan who just got off his mission (sadly I forgot to take a pic of him.  but mayble i'll make a post about him later)
Anyway...this is how fishing goes....we all go out with chairs, bait and snacks.  None of us get even a bite while Danny catches a dozen and could fill all of our limits on his own.  I dont know how he does it all the time.  But seriously.  everytime we go out we all fish and only Danny catches them.  And not like one or two...lots! it's annoying but oh well.

While danny was cathing his fish my brother decided to fiddle with our camera.  got some good ones!

Something Danny taught me before we even got married was how to tie my own hook and line.  He says it's so that when we have kids and if he ever dies that I will be able to teach them how to fish like their dad but I really just think its so that he doesn't ever have to set up my line and can spend more time fishing.  But whatever.  :) I am glad I know how to do it though becuase I dont' have to sit around waiting for someone to set up my line

This is kind of a randome photo but I love it. This is at front door window...I love seeing her face when i come home.  She's always so happy to see me!

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