Jan 11, 2011

I should have made these pictures bigger....but she kinda has red hair. I think she gets it from b both Danny and me. His beard grows in a little red and in the sunlight my hair will look red. She's growing so fast! I can't even believe it. Some things she is doing right now is she started rice cereal and took it just lovely...she's starting to hold herself up while sitting and is giggling a lot more now. She is also a little wiggle worm and every time I try to change her diaper she just smiles and wiggles like a worm. It makes diaper changing a little difficult. She also loves her baths and has realized what splashing and kicking does. Such a fun girl.
Work is going well for me, but it definitely keeps me busy. I've been trying to get into a better workout regime but it's kinda hard after work to have the energy to come home and workout. especially since all I want to do is play with Ash. But I've been really quite lazy when it comes to my health so I guess along with everyone else my resolution should be to get back into good shape. wish me luck....this could take a while :)


  1. That's why I have to get up really early and workout in the morning - I come home and want to be with my kids and then after they go to bed, I'm done :) Good luck!

  2. Such a cute girl! And I agree it's a lot harder to workout with kiddo's.

  3. I love fuzzy baby hair!! She is super cute!!