Jun 6, 2011

9 Months....plus some :)

Ashlynn is nine and a half months!! I just can't believe it. She's growing so much. Her 9 month checkup went just swell. she weighed 17.12 lbs (27%) and was 27.5 in long (43%). She is so adorable and such a happy girl. She is an awesome baby and I think we have been spoiled because everyone says don't plan on having all your babies be this good....(gee thanks). But she's an awesome sleeper (but for the most part she always has been) She is not crawling yet but will sorta army crawl and rolls like CRAZY. I think thats why she hasn't started crawling yet cause she can get anywhere she wants by rolling. At exactly nine months she got her first tooth...the next one is making it's way up also. She is not really a fan of any table food...I'll give her some of what I'm eating each day but she really just likes her baby food. and she will eat quite a bit of it so oh well for now I guess. She truely is the light of mine and Danny's life and she is so entertaining to be with. we love her SOOOO much :)

Danny was going running one morning with Ashlynn and it was a little chilly..so he put on her animal suit...hehe. Since she got her tooth she now is always rubbing her tongue on it.

again....Dad was home and decided to play dress up with her hair. She kinda looks like a bug...but a cute one :)

When I get the camera out she peeks her head around like this to try and see my face behind the camera. I think it's funny. I just wish I had a nicer camera to take better pictures....

Getting ready to sneeze

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