Jun 6, 2011

time to catch up.

I can always tell when things get busy...cause I don't have much down time sooo not a whole lot of me time happens. But I finished teaching for the year last week and it feels great to be at home. I still have quite a bit to do this summer but it will be a nice change from working all day. Danny and I have been doing well. Danny is working like crazy. They are keeping him so busy...which isn't all good because he gets very few days off. His paychecks are bigger....but i'm not sure that makes up for how much he is gone.
There is alot that has happened since my last posts...so I will slowly but surely try to catch up. For Easter we went hiking at Bryce Canyon. I haven't ever been hiking there...and if I have I don't remember it, and Danny had only been once he thought. We figured it was in our backyard basically so it would be a fun way to spend our Easter. We called my sister Tasha's family to come with us.

Giving Ashlynn a break from the backpack...So happy!

We did the Queen's Garden hike.


  1. That looks like so much fun...we're dying to get a pack for Leila so we can do some hiking this summer too.

  2. I miss Southern Utah because of all the hikes! Looks like you had fun!