Jul 5, 2011

Growing up!

Well Ashlynn is officially getting big!! okay she has always been getting big but I'm just amazed at it.  I really never understood it when people said 'they grow fast' until I had my own...and yes, your kids will grow fast too. 


 I wanted to add this one in her carseat because she is getting ready to outgrow it. It's crazy to think about how tiny she used to be in it.
 I had to add this one of her in the bathtub  becuase as you can see...we don't have a bath.  We only have a shower so I have improvised so she can splash and play in a tub.  Yes...it is a tupperware container but she loves it. 
 Playing with cousin Catie

 I love the way she sleeps when I go get her in the morning.  She is either on her side or in this cute stink bug position.  The picture does not do it justice because you can't really see just how high her little bum is up in the air.  so precious
I have discovered that as a mom...I always seem to be the one with the camera catching the moment.  So for this picture it is posed but I went and gave Danny the camera and told him to take a picture of me and my little girl.  Gladly he did and I think she kinda looks like me...

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  1. What at cutie! We need to get together sometime... hope you guys are enjoying the summer:)