Jan 21, 2012


Occasionally we enjoy going over to circleville to have a night away from home.  So a few weekends ago Danny's nephews were staying over at his moms house for the weekend.  It was fun to see them and play games.  One of the games was Jenga.  I don't remember ever playing Jenga seriously and we realized it is an entertaining game.  We also got pretty good at it.  We learned you do a lot better if you don't take any middle pieces.  One round we got 27 high!! I thought it was a record. 

We helped Danny's nephew Hunter learn to ride a bike

We took Ashlynn out to see the cows.  I've come to the conclusion that she's already sorta a girly girl.  She would whine when we told her to pet the cows and she wouldn't really go near them.

Trevin, Hunter (cousins) and Ashlynn. She kinda looks like a boy with the camo beanie...but it's all we had

We chansed around the chickens with grandma Chris

Trevin and Ashlynn followed each other around.  They're only about 2 months apart

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