Jan 6, 2012

Snow Canyon

Over the Christmas break we had to make a trip to St. George to ship a package to my sister. so we figured we should make good use of our time. We went to Snow Canyon, somewhere that I've never really spent much time. It's amazing all the things southern Utah has to offer and how I still have not experienced it all. Snow Canyon is seriously like an hour away and it's beautiful! who knew. Danny and I will definitly have to take some bikes down too and go riding. We've never gone biking before together but I think it'd be a good place to start. It also gave Danny a chance to take a whole lotta picture with the new camera. Just as a followup from my last post about our camera we got a Nikon 5100. He is much better at using all the functions on it and getting some cool pictures. I'm really good at using the auto button... :)

Good Job on the pictures honey! and these are only a few of them.... seriously

My mom and dad...and me

Grandma Decker and Ashlynn...they kinda look similar

She's so cute

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  1. Cute! Next time you go, you should let us know. We would have loved to come with you :)