Mar 4, 2012

18 months

My baby girl is growing fast. We were a little late at getting her in to her 18 month appt. But all was still good. She didn't gain as much weight as I thought she should have and she dropped pretty low in her percentage. But when I talked to our Dr. about it he didn't seem too worried. She was really sick for about a week in the last three months and between 15 and 18 months she got about 8 more teeth. So I'm thinking that had alot to do with it. She has a good appetite most of the time. He said I could give her some Carnation Good Start in her milk to help her if I wanted, or we could start putting more butter on everything. :) She also got really tall over the last 3 months so that could be part of it too. She went from being in about 30% for weight to 8%.
Height 32.5 in. 75%
Weight 21.8 lbs 8 %

I liked how this picture turned out on one of the settings on our camera

Look mom, No Hands!!

Like I said she is getting really tall. Everytime I go in to get her in the mornings I can't believe how big she is. She's not my little peanut anymore.

Good Morning!
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