Mar 20, 2012

So sick :(

Ashlynn has sure had some rough last few weeks.  About 3 weeks ago she started acting different, not eating much, being kinda lazy and moody.  She then had a day that threw up like 6 times.  I learned very quickly that no place in the house is safe with a baby throwing up.  Lets just say I changed mine and ashlynns clothes twice, the bed sheets, the kitchen floor, the front table and baby's room rocking chair, changing table and  carpet.  :) It was an interesting day. 
Then since that day vomity day she started to have REALLY smelly urine.  Almost like she had a dirty diaper stinky but it was just wet.  Well for about 4 or 5 days later she kept getting fevers around 100.  We thought it might be just an infection she's trying to fight off, teeth or whatever.  Well last Sunday she just woudln't eat or drink anything and fever was up to 101.  She could barely hold her head up and all she would do is lay on the couch, or cuddle on me.  Still no eating or drinking.  By Monday  her fever spiked super high.  Up to 102.  It was miserable.  All she did was lay on the couch and sweat.  The night was the worst trying to get her to relax and go to sleep.
So Tuesday morning I called the Dr. and got her right in.  They took her temperature and weight and becuase of the vomiting/fever/no eating she had lost weight.  After telling them about the smelly urine we had decided it was probably a bladder infection and they would need to do a culture on her urine. can't really get an 18 month old to pee in a cup so they used a cathetar to get the urine. (This was not a pleasant experiece as a mother....)  Even without testing it they could tell it was an infection because it came out bloody :( so sad. 
They said that it takes about 2 days to run a urine culture to find out what kind of anibiotic would be used to treat her kind of infection.  So they told me they could make their best guess on what kind of antibiotic to give her, or just no medicine and wait until her culture results came back.  I clearly wanted something to make it seem like I was helping she was put on sulfa-something antibiotic. Well two days later...there really wasn't improvement. High fever, no eating, very little drinking, not much sleeping and LOTS of high pitched screaming (I've had bladder infections and UTI's and the screaming was caused after everytime she peed.   It really does burn.  So sad to watch)  So I called again on Thursday to see if the results were back and they called and hospital and found out they weren't right on their best guess.  The kind she had was acutally making the bacteria she had worse.  So they changed her meds to amoxicillian.  After about two days she finally started eating some ceral. Then she was starting to act much more like herself.  such a relief! I don't function well when I have a sick child and there's nothing I can do for her.

Well, today I got a call from the hostipal that said I needed to come back in and get an ultrasound on Ashlynn.  I guess at her age it's not super common to get a Urinary Tract Infection and so they need to check to make sure there's not blockage in her bladder that caused her infection. They asked me to hydrate her well and keep her bladder full for the ultrasound.  That's going to be kinda hard to do with an 18 month old....wish us luck!
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  1. No fun, sure hope she gets feeling better soon for the both of you! Good luck!

  2. Oh man that is no fun! I hate sick little babes:( Reading your post just gave me anxiety, b/c as a mom you want to fix the problem! Good luck:) She sure is a doll. We need to get together sometime.