Sep 29, 2012


Soo it has been a while.  I stopped posting at first because I had to change computers at work and had to take all my pictures and back them up, then load them on to a hard drive.  Then...when I got the new computer I never loaded all the pictures on to it so posting.   Then a whole bunch of crazy stuff happened all at once and we moved!! To Heber City Utah.  I'm teaching in Orem, and Danny's a Mr. mom most the time because he's still on reserve and hes home lots now so everything is working out well.
  But now that I have another new computer....But I still can't seem to upload pictures onto my blog because my new work computer is a mac.  I am not a mac person.  At all. I think I suddenly became computer dumb because of having a mac.  Everything is different and I can't figure things out.  So now... still no posts, and no uploaded pictures.  Wish me luck! I'll figure it out some time.  

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