Sep 29, 2012

Summer Fun!

So, I figured out how to load picture again...yay!!! Here is a tiny tiny glimpse of our summer.  We went hiking and camping and biking mostly.  Danny got a new bike and we found a good deal on a bike trailor so that was fun entertainment on the days Danny was home. 

 I did lots of water painting with Ashlynn.  She loved it and would concentrate so hard on what needed to be painted.  She also liked to paint Sadie :)

We are trying to make it a tradition to go to Tropic Res. for Fathers Day.  We have done it two years in a row now! yes...we have a tradition. :) This year, we took our bikes and went riding around the lake and fishing in the stream.  Instead of driving the truck down to the lake we thought we could just fit everything in Ashlynn's trailor.  On this day, we fit 2 fishing poles, 2 fold up chairs, tackle box, lap blanket, lunch and water bottles.  AND there was still room for Ashlynn :) Danny was feeling it when we had to ride back up to our camp site...

Ashlynn LOVES to fish.  If she even sees a fishing pole she grabs it and starts asking over and over if we can go fishing.  And yes, she is dressed like a goober in her overalls, camo and pink hat.  But it's still cute :)

 In front of the Res. on our ride that day

 Hanging out at camp!

 My dad came up one night and slept under the stars on his cot.  Ashlynn LOVES her grandpa Decker.
 Fishing was good at Tropic.  Here was our dinner when we got back.  yummm
 More water painting
 Lunch on the porch.  Something I will miss very very much about our old house.  :(

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