Sep 3, 2011

Ashlynn is one!!

Well this is also a much overdue post but I haven't had the camera to post pictures and I still don't have the ones from her birthday on the computer so I'll just tell you a little bit about her because she's soo stinkin cute!! :)
She is officially off the bottle and only uses sippy cups.  I thought that would be a hard thing to do but there really was no problem other than me not wanting her to grow up.  She isn't walking yet but she can because she will walk everywhere as long as she has a hand on something.  She will also stand on her own for a while but she won't take a step.  instead she will VERY slowly squat down.  it's kinda funny.  She looooves stuffed animals and will cuddle any stuffed thing you put in front of her.  She also loves to cuddle at night and so do I.  She is eating everything and anything.  She definitely is not a picky eater.   Even things I think she won't eat she Lima beans.  Her favorite is definitely cantelope and string cheese.  She gobbles that stuff right up.  She is such a little entertainer and will do anything to make you smile. She can pull some interesting faces and then if you smile back at her...she'll clap for you.  She is an awesome sleeper as normal..goes right to bed at about 8:00 and sleeps till a little after 8:00, unless I take her to the sitter then she gets up at about 7:00.  She also takes about a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.
Her stats at her last appointment were 18.12 lbs (14%) and 29 in long (50%).  the weight kinda surprised me.  She only gained a pound in the last 3 months and she was at 30% at her 9 month checkup but at the same time it doesn't really surprise me because of how small she was when she was born.  So no new car seat for her yet.
Well as you can tell I could blab on and on about her but I will stop myself.  We love you Ashlynn!!!!

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