Dec 29, 2011

Oh what fun...

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to that last few weeks. I finally figured out how to use picasa so here are some collages for your enjoyment :).

We went hunting....but didn't get anything

We got a reeeallly tall Christmas tree. It was quite the process getting this guy. It had snowed about 3 feet a few days earlier so lets just say it wasn't easy......and I definitly was not prepared with my clothes. As you can see my jeans are soaked up to my thighs and i didn't wear any long johns underneath... can you say numb legs??

We traveled up to Heber for an early christmas with the inlaws.

Opened some early presents

Met Santa for the first time. Danny has an Uncle who seriously looks just like him...he grows out his beard and everything all year so he can play santa. Then he goes around circleville and Junction and goes to every single house to say Merry Christmas. Ashlynn did well. She wasn't too scared, just weirded out probably becuase she had been playing with Toby (Santa) before he had gotten all dressed up. And I just realized I have the same picture twice...but i'm not going to fix it.
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  1. Cute and lots of fun. How much did you have to cut off the tree to get it in your house?

  2. you know we have a pretty tall ceiling but i think we still cut off about 2 feet off the bottom.