Dec 29, 2011

Christ mas

Danny had to work Christmas Day this year :( So we decided to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on Friday and Saturday. It worked out great. After loading all these pictures I'm bummed our nice camera didn't come till after Christmas becuase these pictures would have turned out a whole lot better! but you get the idea....For Christmas Eve dinner we had rolls, baked potatoes, steamed veggies and some marinated/grilled sitka blacktail deer that Danny had killed while in Alaska. It was deeelish! Blacktail tastes much better than mule deer.

Opening our Christmas Eve presents...

On Christmas Day Ashlynn first opened a little stuffed kitten and after she got that she didn't want to open anything else. She was so happy with that kitten her day was made. But after some coaxing by mom she opened her toy stroller and was even more excited. She loves to push it everywhere around the house and put her toys in it and push it around.

So she has a step aunt who makes those flower bows. Well she totally went crazy and gave Ashlynn a TON of flower bows. I don't even know what to do with them all. So i decided to put them all in at once. It kind of looked like on of those flowering sancronized swimming caps. It made me laugh :)

Sweaters for mom! yay. don't mind the wet hair....

Ashlynns head of flowers. so funny

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  1. So cute and I completely didn't notice your hair was wet until you said something.