Dec 29, 2011

The new Camera

So Danny and I aren't really with it when it comes to electronics. We have a 6 year old TV (no flat screens here) we don't have any smart phones and no video games of any sort. But there is one thing we have talked about for a long time that we could both enjoy and it was a nice camera. So I didn't know we were getting one and Danny surprised me for Christmas and I was super excited!!!

At first I didn't know how much of a difference it would make but it totally does!! the color and lighting is soo much better and the pictures are so much more clear and crisp looking. Absolutely love it! Danny has done exstensive research about which one to get. He even got an app for his ipod that tells him how to use it. He knew how to use the camera and which buttons to push to do what before the camera even came. This is more of a gift for him to start a new hobby....but i'm definitly benefitting from it :) be prepared for lots of pics.

She just got caught getting into things she shouldn't have....uh oh is what she's sayin right now.

I love the faces this girl pulls. and I love I can finally get some of them on camera. Don't mind the constant crazy hair thought....She has sooo much!! and these were taken right after nap

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