Mar 11, 2011

The dreadful month of March

So i feel like posting about my ill feelings toward March. Ever since high school March has never been a good month. I was quite involved in music and sports in high school and it seemed as though both activities crammed as much as possible in March. I had music festivals and recitals and track meets all together. Well it is still a full stressful month. I have parent teacher conferences for work which usually turn into therapy sessions for the parents rather than discussion about the child(I guess they figure they can spill all the stresses on my because I'm a neutral playing field) I have Young Womens stuff (yep, I'm a beehive adviser) For work we have the Montessori Expo coming up (it's just a big thing we do at work) and now that I'm putting it down on doesn't' seem like much. But it feels like a lot. And because of the time Danny took off in February, he's working a lot in March. AND March has 5 weeks in it just feels like it drags on and on. But I will make it through i guess....I seem to every year.

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