Mar 11, 2011

Such an amazing guy

*Warning...this post is a little mushy gushy :)

So Danny definitely surprised me this year for our 5 year. We had gone on Vacation to San Antonio and that was going to be our gift to each other...But the day of our anniversary was on March 4th...He was actually gone to work. Well I wanted to let Danny know I was still thinking of that morning I called the Hotel he was staying at and asked for them to send strawberry waffles and fruit to his room. Well...Danny didn't know he was getting it so when the lady went up to knock. He didn't answer. I had told them that he probably wasn't going to answer and that they should just keep knocking till he did. Soooo they knocked again and said "room service" well he basically told them to go away and that he didn't order any. Well the lady knocked again so Danny got out of bed and went to the door and shouted that he didn't order any. So the lady shouted back through the door that some lady called and that she had ordered some for him. So Danny opened the door the she say "Happy Anniversary!!" I was very successful in surprising him.

Well later on I got a very nice surprise. These beautiful flowers were sent to my classroom. All my student oooed and awwed and of course they were my favorite! Daisy's and Tulips...and some pretty roses and a balloon. I felt very special. Well then that night Danny got home at about 11:30 and in the morning there was a little box with a bow on it. I got a little excited cause nice things come in small boxes and TA DA!! HE WENT TO JARED! (I just wanted to say that cause of the commercial...but he really did) He wrote a nice card with it too and then I went in and woke Danny up cause I really wanted to open it and wanted to open it with him. The card he wrote tied into the black and white diamonds and what he thought when he saw the necklace. Needless to say I felt very special and loved and I love you Danny very much!!

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