Mar 17, 2011

Shed Hunting

So...shed hunting is something that has become quite popular in the hunting world. It's a way of holding all of those obsessed hunters over through spring till Summer when they can start scouting then Fall when they can start hunting. Whoever said Hunting was a seasonal thing was very wrong. Clearly they haven't met my husband. With the fall hunts...the summer alaska trips and scouting for the deer/elk trips, the winter colorado trips and the spring shed hunting...he has managed to turn a 3 month seasonal thing to a year round hobby.'s fun to get out of the house do something fun with each other outdoors on these nice sunny spring days!!

**Pictures are actually backwards...but i didn't want to redo them :)

Danny has done a good job training our dog sadie to find some sheds.

Trying out the new backpack!

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