Mar 4, 2011

All because two people fell in love....

We have offically made it five years!! I remember the first time we met and went on our date to St. George. It was kinda a blind date for me because I didn't remember who you were when you called :) But I'm so glad you did. I had dated many different guys in college and after our first date, I knew something was different about you. After months of dating I knew that my life was about to change because you had officially swept me off my feet. I can't believe everything I have been able to experience while being married. I absolutely adore Danny. He has been such a blessing to me. Sometimes (or alot) I get really uptight and stressed and he knows exactly how to make me laugh, calm me down and help me realize that things don't have to be such a big deal. He is so funny. I love that 5 years later he can still make me laugh and smile all the time. I love his cheesy personality and ability to make anything fun! He is an amazing dad to Ashlynn and an even more amazing husband to me. I adore you Danny and I can't imagine how my life would be without you. Thank you so much Danny for being such an amazing man in mine and Ashlynn's life!
After looking over all of our wedding pictures I feel so old. It seems so long ago. We had such an interesting first 3 years of marriage but it was an adventure I will never forget.

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