Apr 19, 2011

8 months and stuff

So my baby doll is 8 months and yes my blog is basically dedicated to her :) I ususally write more personal stuff in my other journal and my life pretty much revolves around my family sooo thats what I love to post about. She is doing amazing and growing so fast. Something new that has happened is I have weaned her from breastfeeding. I made this decision for a few months.... first of all in my post about my work day throw in 2 pumpings I would do while at work. It seriously took up so much time, but I feel like I was able to do is as long as I was as a working mama because it gave me the satisfaction of giving my daughter the best :) which would be my milk. But then when she was about 7 1/2 months I wanted to start running again, and wasn't because I was always feeling too full...or she woudln't eat after I'd run and Ashlynn started eating alot more and I was finally able to find a formula she would take without vomiting or only taking a half ounce of (yay for similac advanced!) So i started weaning her and surprisingly it takes alot longer than I thought. I really thought I would lose my milk fast but I still am breastfeeding her a little bit before bed because I can't sleep cause I feel so full. But we were successful and she does just lovely between breast and formula bottle. Go baby! And i feel alot more freedom such as when we go out, we're at friends house, traveling etc. I absolutely loved nursing because of the connection I was able to have with her and how much more healthy it was for her...but I was ready to be done. And 8 months is above average so I felt good about it.

Ashlynn is definitely a steamroller and gets into everything. It's amazing how fast she can get across the floor and get into things she knows she shouldn't be. She is such a little entertainer and loves to make people smile and knows exactly how to do it. She is a good eater and loves to eat cheerios. We're trying to get her used to more food but she still hasn't quite figured out what to do with it in her mouth. sometimes i'll give her something new and she will get it on her tongue then just stick her tongue out and drool all over...it's kinda funny.

****I can't get my pictures to load tonight so i'll try again tomorrow.

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