Apr 19, 2011

So busy

Sooo...beware I'm going to do a little catch up and makes lots of posts. I started writing in my personal journal again and so the blog kinda went on the wayside. I also have been just really busy. So I decided to post a pretty typical week for me. Danny has been able to get weekends off lately which is great becuase we are able to spend time together....but it sure does keep me running around. soo a typical day for me when Danny is at work usually starts around 6:00 am...give or take 30 minutes. I feed Ashlynn then put her back down while I go get ready for work and eat breakfast. Then I feed the dog and then around 7:10 I get Ashlynn and put her in her carseat then into the car. (I'm so lucky to have such a good baby to go along with our craziness) I then drive to Enoch (15 miles from Parowan) and take Ashlynn to the babysitter where she will sleep untill 9:30ish...then I drive about 8 miles from the babysitters (April) to work. I get to work at about 7:50am and prep for the day till 8:25 then get my students and teach till 3:30. I then do my end of dad prep work and go pick up Ashlynn at 4:00 pm and then my day usually doesn't end there. ( It's a 55 mile round trip on the day's I have to go get ashlynn and that doesn't include if I need to do some shopping).
After work on Monday's I usually pick up Ashlynn and do grocery shopping.
After work on Tuesdays I have a Level lead teacher meeting for work which usually lasts till 4:30
After work on Wednesday's I have young womens at 7:00.
After work on Thrusdays are usually my day off...but sometimes these are the day's that I go visiting teaching or most likely the cleaning because seriously none of it gets done and then on Friday's Danny and I (if he's home will get to go out on a date)

After my after school stuff...(if that makes sense) I now have been going running around 5:30 (which is surprisingly hard with a jogging stroller) and then I feed Ashlynn at about 6:00...do anything that needs to be done then put Ashlynn to bed by 8-8:30. then this is time i can have to myself and it is usually spent showering, watching tv or reading and going to bed by about 9:30 :)
Then Saturdays are spent cleaning or spending time with Danny.

I'm sure this is a typical day for many many moms out there and I commend you cause it's hard. I have found though that even though I have more on my plate now than I ever have, I'm still able to fit it all in and most days I feel pretty good... some days its just hard though. And I do have to commend Danny because when he is home, my day is still usually the same its just I don't have to go to Aprils house to get Ashlynn. Danny is the best Mr. Mom in the world and does so well with her and he actually is the one who does all the cleaning and laundry cause I don't really like doing it...and at the end of my day I really just don't get it done. so thanks babe!!

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