Apr 20, 2011

Pictures that wouldn't load earlier...

It was dads turn for bath...need I say more

When the weather started getting warm I really wanted to get out so we went to Red Creek...but it was still frozen. But it was nice and warm and a beautiful day. So we just ended up having a picnic in the back of the truck. We sat outside for about 2 hours....I remembered to put sunscreen on Ashlynn and keep her in the shade however my arms and face got burned!

again...getting into stuff :) It's her...you caught me look

This is her favorite place to go everytime she's on the floor. And she bonks her head all the time but she still goes for the coffee table

This is the look we are getting often. And then she will smack her lips together like an old man...such a silly child

We finally got a high chair...definitly easier to feed her than in the bumbo seat. She can't look around as much


  1. I just love how much hair that girl has Cathy!! And her old man smirk is the cutest thing ever.

  2. So glad you found us :) Its always fun keeping up with old friends you don't see much anymore huh! And I agree, its a small world once you start seeing who knows who is southern utah, I love it :) K Seriously she is SOOOO Stinkin CUTE!! That pic of her in the tub or sink pulling that funny face, I'm still dying laughing! She's a doll, you guys need to have 10 if they're that dang cute! I just wanna squeeze her cheeks, haha! Hope all is well for you guys:)