Apr 19, 2011

Birthday number 25!!!

So I turned 25 this month on the 6th. I have never been a birthday person because things are always made up to be a big thing and then it usually doesn't work out that way. So this year Danny had to work on my birthday and I actually just ended up doing my normal stuff and going to young womens....(yipee...) but then on Friday Danny called and said he had a surprise for me and he got us tickets to go see Brian Regan!! (whom I find quite hilarious). Well....things didn't quite work out all the way for him because he ended up having maintenance work that needed to be done on his plane and so of course, just our luck. He didn't make is home. the show started at 7:00 and he wasn't going to get home till 9 :(. I was super bummed. But my sister was awesome to be my fill in date and we had a great time! I just felt bad Danny wasn't able to make it. But I know he was thinking of me and we were able to spend the weekend together so it was good.

Yes my camera sucks...but just pretend like the man looks like brian regan

My lovely sister Tasha who was my date for the night. we have some good laughs....And no, i don't know who Mrs. funny man is in the background. dang kids

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