Feb 9, 2011

Sick Day...?

So Ashlynn has been doing much better. She doesn't sound near as bad. Her nose is now really runny but I think that's a good thing. Danny didn't have to go to work until today so he was able to stay home with her Monday and Tuesday and she didn't have to go to the babysitter. Well last night April (babysitter) called me and said her three year old and probably her older two girls all have strep and she has put them on an antibiotic but they are still contagious for 24 hours. Well I didn't really want RSV AND strep so I talked to me mom but she is going to a quilting conference, called my sister but she as a little one year old...who probably doesn't want RSV, sooo I get to stay home :) Which really doesn't make me sad at all. I can take a sick day...without being sick! yay to me! oh the simple pleasures in life.


  1. Nice - Hope she gets feeling better soon :)

  2. Ah having sick kiddo's is no fun.I bet Ashlynn loved you staying home with her to cuddle :)