Feb 24, 2011

San Antonio

So I bet you're all wondering where we went for vacation....Of all the places in the world we could have gone...Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, St. Lucia...We went to TEXAS!!!! YAY. Yep we went to San Antonio. But there's a few reasons why. First, One of the downsides of flying standby is seat availability. No seat, we don't get on. Well all the flights were filling up to the popular places (presidents day weekend...and February aren't the best times to go to warm places because of whale watching and 3 day weekend) So needless to say we thought about Florida too but it was way expensive. Well on Friday before we were to leave we had talked about how I wanted to see San Antonio because I've heard it was a cool city and would like to see it...so we decided why not now. It would be an easier flight for Ashlynn...not super expensive and warm. Which was what we wanted. So off to Texas we went

We were in San Anotnion for about 2 days then we drove down to Corpus Christi for 2 days. San Anotnio was much much prettier. I didn't realize C. C. was such an industrial, oil drilling refinery type of place. It really wasn't very pretty. And there were no mountains to see at all in any direction. But we had a fun time and saw lots of stuff and it was relaxing.

We also tried some new food that we hadn't ever had before. We tried good sushi for the first time in C. C. Becuase it is a beach town we figured they would have good seafood, which they did. However we learend that we are not sushi people! we had a california roll which we were both able to handle but then we got a philidelphia roll which had raw salmon in it....and we were both trying hard not to gag because of the texture. It tasted good...but the texture was bad in my mouth....I kinda gag just thinking about it. But hey! now we know. We also ate at this amazing Thai food place. the presentation of the food was just as good as the food! so we LOVE Thai food. Anyway....here are a few pictures. I need to learn how to make the collages so I can do more at a time.

The pictures below are not in order at all. But I didn't want to sort through them :) We started out in San Antonio then went to Corpus Christi. We took a TON more. but I just added a few. ENJOY
Eating in our hotel.

We went to the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi...It was fun to see the Animals and they had a dolphin show so that was the best part.

They had a part in the aquarium where you were allowed the touch the stingrays. So we did and they were slimy!

on the top deck on the USS lexington. I can't even explain how big this ship was. It was seriously like a city on water. They had everything like barber shops, dentist office, post office church room and a full on flight deck on top for the airplanes to land. They also had a aiplane hanger to store the planes which is why the wings fold up on the navy planes.

There was a BIG navy ship/museum in corpus Christi we went on called the USS Lexington. It was really cool to see how people in the Navy will live for months. It's crazy.

We went to the Alamo. It was interesting to learn about and kinda weird at the same time that I had gone this long in my life without really knowing what the alamo was all about. It was fun to walk through

The Riverwalk in San Antonio. The riverwalk is like a totally different city down below the real city. It was a pretty and nice stroll

Just got on the airplane! She did so well. Overall she actually did really well traveling considering how much time she spent in her stroller.

Ashlynn playing with her new friend Leila. She is our friends Eric and Cynthia's daughter. It was fun to go out to dinner and hang out with them before our vacation. We definitely need to go on vacation somewhere with them.


  1. So Fun! We loved it there too - their SeaWorld is AMAZING. Something to schedule in when you go again :)

  2. Looks like San Antonio was a great choice! The riverwalk looks so cool. Glad Ashlynn did so well on the plane too.

  3. Glad you guys had a good time, looks like fun!! I use Picassa for picture collages, you just select the pictures you want in the collage and push the button that says 'Make Collage' (or something like that). Then you can play around with different settings and stuff. Your little girl is too cute!!