Feb 16, 2011

Six months!

I loved these pictures of her 'reading' :) so cute

My goodness I have a six month old. We went to the Dr. Today and she is just a growing. Ashlynn weighs 14.14 lbs (29%) is 25.5 in (36 %) and has a nice round head (thankfully) but I don't remember the circumference size. She really dislikes being on her tummy and has only rolled from her back to stomach like a couple of times. but I think it's cause she really likes being on her back because when i put her on her tummy...she's on her back in the blink of an eye. She loves oatmeal, and squash and milk :) I didn't think she liked green beans...but we tried them again and she seemed much better. She absolutely loves to pull things out of something...like the diaper bag...or anything that is inside something. She has very good hand eye coordination (for when she plays the piano...:)) and loves to make BIG splashes at bath time and gets everyone soaked. She is such a happy baby and loves to eat her feet. She also likes to save her dirty diapers for when I get home from work :) Oh how I love her and don't know what I did for this long without her
Danny and I are doing well. Right now we are having a difficult time making career decisions for Danny. There are a few options for him now that he is finishing up school and we are having a difficult time what to do next...do we stay comfortable with the situation we have now and him not move up....or do we move forward with the possibility of moving from Utah and family so he can make more. There are so many different variables to our situation that it is making it very hard to make a decision. I sometimes wish there was one good answer and we knew exactly what we should do next and knew it was the right choice for us. Sooo who knows. I'll keep you posted on things to come.

PS along with my post about ashlynn loving to pull things out of things....she just dumped over my bowl of decorative pine cones on our table...and is now eating them...silly girl!


  1. Glad you have a happy healthy baby! She is adorable.
    That is a tough decision to make and only you guys know whats best for your family.
    I would love to be closer to my family, so I probably wouldn't want to move away if they lived in Utah...but moving somewhere new is always a fun adventure. Change can be fun.

  2. It's funny, when you are making decisions about what to do with your family, how it will be confusion and confusion, and then one day you will just know what to do. Let me know if you need an Ashlynn babysitter to hit the temple for clarification - more than happy to help :)